Jack Lawrenson-Jones

Cinematographer / Editor

I am a passionate filmmaker based in the South West. Nearly all of my life I have been creating films and capturing moments with cameras, constantly engrossed in the world of film-making. This passion has led me to meet an amazing group of people who share love for the creative arts, and what we can do with them. From here, the possibilities are endless, with a combination of creative mindsets we can create new mediums, projects and stunning experiences for audiences. (DRAFT)


Rufus Buzby


creatively inspired film maker and photographer born and bred in Devon. I specialise In sport and documentary film making as well as portrait photography. I discovered these creative outlets as I took an interest in urban sports allowing me to have a subject to my projects; from this my passion for film making and photography was sparked.


Jack Dodds


Sports Filmmaker and Recurrent Traveller, my work commonly follows the activity of Parkour and the high-octane, bohemian travelling it entails - which has taken me around seventeen countries to date. Intrigued in multiple mediums of photography, I also experiment with formats such as polaroid and 35mm in order to broaden the scape of what I produce.



finnegan Tui


Hey I'm Finn, a youth from New Zealand, living in the UK. I play guitar, violin, sing and I have good go at the piano and play with whatever electronics I can get my hands on. I spent my childhood travelling around music festivals in a house bus. I fell asleep every night to my mum's singing, and spent my days with music always around in some way or another. After picking up violin at six, I would gate-crash the stage my dad ran whenever I could. And through this I jammed with jazz trios, reggae groups, drunk trianglists and everything in between. 

After moving to England I delved into fingerstyle guitar and began exploring electronics for the moving image and playing with Sound Design. I now find myself working with inspiring creatives and consumed by making music whenever, wherever, with whoever, however I can: Weddings, Festivals, Sessions, Ensemble work, Music for Film/Games, Open Mics, Car Parks and Private concerts for my dog are all a part of my life and I am excited for wherever it goes.