- For the love of Jazz, Folk, Songwriting and Electronica -


Hey I'm Finn, a youth from New Zealand, living in the UK. I play guitar, violin, sing and I have good go at the piano and play with whatever electronics I can get my hands on.

I spent my childhood travelling around music festivals in a house bus. I fell asleep every night to my mum's singing, and spent my days with music always around in some way or another.  After picking up violin at six, I would gate-crash the stage my dad ran whenever I could. And through this I jammed with jazz trios, reggae groups, drunk trianglists and everything in between.

After moving to England I became fascinated with the place where genres collide and i began to explore Sound Design and electronics. I am now 18 and find myself consumed by making music whenever, wherever, with whoever, however I can:  Weddings, Festivals, Sessions, Ensemble work, Music for Film/Games, Open Mics, Car Parks and Private concerts for my dog are all a part of my life and I am excited for wherever it goes.    

Recent Works